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Dutch Bros, one of Corvallis’ most well-known coffee shops, has four locations in close proximity to the Oregon State University campus, including Monroe Boulevard, two drive-thru locations on 3rd and 9th streets and one location connected to the Beaver Store. 

According to Jessica Ortman, the manager of the Dutch Bros Monroe Boulevard location, the staff couldn’t do what they do without the support of their customers and are happy that they have continued to come in.

Dutch Bros offers coffee beverages, Italian sodas, energy drinks and tea as well as pastries. The most popular drinks at Dutch Bros include rebels, frosts  and drinks with white coffee, which has 70 percent more caffeine than black coffee, Ortman said. 

The Allann Bros. Beanery Cafe, another coffee shop that was voted one of the best coffee shops in Corvallis, has multiple locations in the Corvallis area including on Monroe Boulevard and a downtown location. 

The Monroe Boulevard location of the Beanery has been supplying OSU students and Corvallis community members with coffee, drinks and meals including paninis and burritos. 

“It’s great that we were voted one of the best and we appreciate it — that’s what we strive for,” said Amber Harsh, the area manager of the Monroe Boulevard Beanery.

While the Beanery serves a variety of coffee beverages, tea and other drinks, the most popular drinks are the chai latte and the white chocolate mocha, Harsh said.  

Starbucks was also voted one of Corvallis’ best coffee shops and serves OSU students and Corvallis Community members from its multiple locations in the Corvallis area, including the stores downtown, on Kings Boulevard and at the Sunset Shopping Center.

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