Fall Family Weekend preview

Ginnie Sandoval, News Contributor

Oregon State University will be welcoming students and their families to campus for Fall Family Weekend from Nov. 11-13.

This year, according to Zoe Arinsberg, a student-staff member of the Office of Student Orientation, Fall Family Weekend will be an opportunity for families to connect with their students and the OSU campus as a whole. It’s also a chance for students to show their families who they are here at OSU.

Each family can use the weekend as an opportunity to see their student’s favorite spots on campus, and explore Corvallis. Overall, it’s just a great way to build connections. The campus community can host events to meet and connect with students and their families or just enjoy the influx of people on campus. Arinsberg tells us there will be events all across campus and information desks at the Memorial Union to guide people through the weekend’s festivities.

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Bend native and Sophomore, McKenzie Klecker, comes from a long line of OSU Alumni making last year’s fall family weekend a familiar trip for her parents. 

“My parents and I have a really close relationship and I think the main thing I got out of it was merging my college life with my home life and it was really enjoyable to have them there to see what my day to day is,” Klecker said. 

As a freshman last year and with her brother a senior, Klecker tells us her parents were empty nesters for the first time so it was enjoyable for them to get to visit both of their children.

“My dad was an OSU alumni,” Klecker said. “so it was also fun for him to get to share his history and college experience of what life was like at Oregon State for him.” 

When it came to specifics, Klecker recalls showing her parents each building her classes were held in as well as her dorm room. Once they had finished touring, they finished the day at the Arnold Dining Center.

Organizers are still in the process of collecting event details from campus partners to combine into a cohesive schedule but would like people to know if students, families or anyone in the OSU community has questions or would like to get involved with Fall Family Weekend, they are welcome to contact the Office of Student Orientation at [email protected].


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