Police Log: Dec. 9 – Dec. 12

General Police Log Graphic

Chloe Stewart, News Contributor

Sunday, Dec. 9


Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle

The officer spoke to the owner of a vehicle, who indicated that their vehicle was stolen from their apartment complex parking lot sometime during the night. The vehicle is a blue 1990 Honda Civic.


Tuesday, Dec. 11


Illegal Camping in Public Places

An officer responded to a call indicating that a motorhome had been unlawfully parked alongside a curb for over 10 days. The caller suspected that someone was living inside the motorhome because it had not moved and was filled with what appeared to be personal effects. The responding officer made efforts to contact someone inside the motorhome, but no one responded. According to the log, the motorhome’s contents and the window coverings suggested to the officer that someone was living inside. The officer subsequently posted a notice giving the owner 26 hours to remove the vehicle and took photos for evidence.


Criminal Trespass II

An officer responded to a reported disturbance at a local church. An employee stated that an individual was yelling obscenities at staff, threatening to fight them, and refused to leave the premises when asked. Upon arrival, the individual was seated in the church, but exited without incident after the officer asked. The officer completed a trespass notice at the request of the church staff. While no physical incident occurred, the individual’s obscene behavior was of concern to the staff. After explaining the trespass notice to the suspect, they wrote obscenities in the area of signature acknowledging they understood the terms.


Wednesday, Dec. 12


Attempted Criminal Mischief II and Disorderly Conduct II

An officer responded to a call reporting an individual jumping in front of a vehicle and then kicking the car. Upon arrival, the officer spoke to the caller, the driver of the vehicle in question. The driver stated that they nearly hit the individual after they jumped in front of the vehicle. The driver stopped and the individual started kicking the passenger side door while yelling. The driver believed that the individual wanted to fight, so they drove away slowly and called the police. There was a visible smeared footprint on the passenger side door. The suspect later admitted to kicking the door and was arrested for attempted criminal mischief II and disorderly conduct II.


Disorderly Conduct II

An officer responded to a local business after it was reported that an individual was throwing items at the windows. The business manager indicated that the individual, who was seated outside, had yelled obscenities at employees and struck the glass repeatedly with a tape measure. According to the log, the manager also said that the individual had struck the glass hard enough to cause alarm to employees inside, but there was no readily apparent damage to the window. The suspect admitted to striking the window with the tape measure and was arrested for disorderly conduct in the second degree.