Bomb threat made against OSU campus

Beth Ray Center for Academic Support on the Oregon State University Corvallis, Ore. campus.

The Baro Staff

Updated November 12, 2018, at 10:30 a.m.

The Oregon State University Corvallis campus was deemed no longer at a heightened risk with regards to the bomb threat discussed in this story, as of Monday, Nov. 12, according to an OSU Alert. 

According to a follow-up email sent out at 3:37 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, there are now increased patrols on campus by law enforcement officials.

The investigation into the message left in the Beth Ray Center, indicating that a bomb will be discharged on campus this Sunday, Nov. 11, is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding the bomb threat is encouraged to contact Public Safety. This includes sightings of packages, vehicles or any situations which seem suspicious. 

The Beth Ray Center is currently closed. The rest of campus, however, remains open. Campus activities will continue as scheduled. 

According to Clark, the Beth Ray Center was closed “as a precaution, and out of courtesy to the students and staff who would use the facility during this time.”

The Oregon State Police and university Department of Public Safety felt it appropriate to inform the campus community of the threat as immediately as possible for multiple reasons, according to OSU Vice President for University Relations and Marketing Steve Clark.

“One, in case anyone has any information about this note,” Clark said. “Second, to make folks aware that a threatening note was left, written on the wall. Third, it was for folks to be prepared, if they did see something that was suspicious, or if they observed any suspicious activities by any individual or individuals, to report that immediately.”

The school will not be sending out further emails to students unless a significant development occurs. 

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