Oregonians required to stay at home following governor’s executive order

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The Baro Staff

Oregonians must stay at home or be slapped with a Class C misdemeanor, except for a few specific exceptions, after an executive order was issued by Gov. Kate Brown on Monday morning. 

The “Stay Home, Save Lives” order requires that people stay at home or at their place of residence, in order to reduce person-to-person transmission of the novel coronavirus recently declared to be a pandemic by the World Health Organization. With this order, many businesses which are deemed non-essential or at which personal contact is deemed too difficult to avoid, have also been required to close. Non-essential businesses are ordered to work from home as much as possible. 

Theaters, fraternal organization facilities, gyms, malls, campgrounds and more have all been ordered to close. Restaurants, bars, pubs, coffee shops and other establishments which serve food and drink, however, are allowed to continue take-out and delivery service.

Essential travel, for which Oregonians are allowed to leave their house, includes getting food, shelter, education, exercise or healthcare, caring for family members or members of vulnerable populations, going to work at a business deemed essential, and other essential needs. When leaving the house, the order states that social distancing should be in place, meaning that everyone must stay six feet apart for those who are not part of their immediate household.

A Class C misdemeanor is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a $1,250 fine. 

The “Stay Home, Save Lives” executive order will remain in place until terminated by Gov. Brown. 


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