Students on the street: What are you excited for?

Noah Nelson, News Contributor

The Baro approached students walking around campus to ask them what they’re excited about for this school year. Here is what they had to say. 


Amy Salisbury

Fifth year, civil engineering 

“Because it’s my last term I want to do it big! I want to go to some football games, and I’m excited about my new position on the Student Fees Committee.”



Jingting Zhan

Freshman, mathematics

“I’m excited for the rainy days.”



Jenna Peters 

Freshman, psychology

“I enjoy living on my own and I’m looking forward to getting into my classes.”



Kaustubh Indane

Sophomore, chemical engineering

“I’m looking forward to knowing the campus culture. I transferred from UO so I’m curious to see how OSU does things differently.”



Jett Krieger

Freshman, mechanical engineering

“I’m excited for new people and new experiences.”



Derek Dang

Freshman, civil engineering

“I’m excited that Dixon is free because I’m trying to get swole.”



Andrew Le

Freshman, biology

“I’m looking forward to being more independent.”



Terran Walker 

Freshman, fermentation sciences




Connor Riedl

Freshman, apparel design

“The social scene in Corvegas.”



Gabriela Safay

Freshman, environmental sciences

“I’m excited to further my education.”



Rayna Kutsal

Freshman, animal sciences

“I’m excited to come to a big campus community where everyone has similar goals.”

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