Students protest tuition increase

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After a tuition increase was passed by the Oregon State University Board of Trustees, Allied Students for Another Politics (ASAP) held a silent protest across campus on Wednesday afternoon.

According to junior environmental sciences and peace studies major and member of ASAP David DeHart, the protest was inspired by the tuition increase that was approved on March 31.

“It came of out of the recent decision to increase tuition by the Board of Trustees, it was also about the general corporatization of universities,” DeHart said.

ASAP is an activist group that’s based at OSU and is made up of OSU students and Corvallis community members dedicated to fighting against systemic oppression in all its forms including student debt, increasing tuition prices, and the corporatization of universities across the country.

The group chalked sidewalks around heavily populated areas around campus including outside of buildings on Campus Way, on the Memorial Union Quad and outside of the Kerr Administration buildings.

The statistics provided by ASAP were meant to show the budgeting of the university, DeHart said. Over $2 million has gone to pay for 100 administrators, according to DeHart.

DeHart also stated that the messages were meant to inspire people to join student movements.

A student was also seen standing outside of the MU Quad with tape over his mouth holding a sign saying “Free tuition for a just society”.

Anti-tuition banners were hung from buildings around campus including Bexell Hall and the MU.

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