Plug in, game on with ‘Split Screen’

Luuk Van Hoomissen

Exciting news for all of our OSU gamers:

Split Screen, Oregon State University’s resident gaming TV show, has jumped platforms and launched Split Screen Multimedia. Split Screen Multimedia will include: the continuation of Split Screen TV, a brand new Split Screen radio show, and a Friday column in the Daily Barometer.

My name is Luuk Van Hoomissen, and I have been hosting the Split Screen TV show since I joined KBVR TV in January. I will also be in charge of the Split Screen Column.

I am a junior in digital communication arts at OSU and an avid gamer. I started gaming on the Nintendo 64 with “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” and “Super Mario 64.” After switching to the PlayStation 2 I fell in love with dungeon crawling role-playing Games like “The Champions of Norrath.” These days, I play a lot of fighting games, and I’m still a huge fan of RPGs. I also enjoy board games and tabletop RPGs, the best of which is, and always has been, “Dungeons and Dragons.”

Split Screen started with the idea of a few friends sitting on a couch playing video games. Since then, it has expanded to be a show that chronicles the geeky side of the OSU community. Split Screen has profiled clubs like Anime Club and Gaming Club, and has held interviews with former OSU professor Shawna Kelly. Split Screen also recently hosted a “Super Smash Bros.” doubles tournament, and plans to make a tradition of holding game tournament every fall, winter, and spring term. Split Screen is dedicated to our mission of showing off great games that you can play with your favorite people.

With no lack of good ideas or geeky topics to discuss, Split Screen has decided to branch out into more media. The Split Screen Radio show will now be airing weekly on the 88.7 KBVR-FM channel. Led by Nathan Graham, a Split Screen veteran and host of the KBVR podcast Decent at Best, The radio show will feature some nerdy music, discussion of events in the gaming world, and the interview portion of Split Screen that was formerly featured on the TV show.

You can also look for the Split Screen Barometer column every Friday, which will feature game reviews, geeky news, and all the info you need to keep up with Split Screen and other gaming groups around campus.

Most importantly, the Split Screen will continue to broadcast our live on-the-couch format multiplayer gameplay TV show. You can look forward to seeing Split Screen TV Wednesdays at 6:00pm. You may also have a chance to participate as Split Screen will soon become open to a live viewing audience. You might also get a chance to compete in our first invitational Hearthstone tournament in week ten, the details of which will be released soon. Finally, you can view old episodes of Split Screen on the KBVR-TV YouTube channel.

So check us out! We at Split Screen believe that gaming is for everybody. Whether you’re hardcore, casual, competitive, or have never held a controller in your life, it’s always good weather for gaming.

The opinions expressed in Van Hoomissen’s column do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Barometer Staff.