SEC Study Break helps students relax

Hannah Haney News Contributor

SEAC providing massages, puppies and yoga to OSU students throughout the week

In efforts to relieve students from finals stress, the Student Events and Activities Center (SEAC) will be holding activities this week to give students a break from their studies as part of their SEC Study Break.

According to Aimee Cannella, a speech communications major and the organizer of the event, the SEC Study Break is an event where students can come to relax and unwind during dead week at Oregon State University.

There will be activities happening at the Student Experience Center each day of the event, including board games and video games, coloring activities and snacks, Cannella said.

Each day of the week will have a special activity as well, adding variety, Cannella said.

“On Tuesday, we will have a massage therapist come in to provide chair massages. On Wednesday, we were fortunate enough to be able to bring in a yoga instructor to teach a yoga course,” Cannella said. “And Thursday, my personal favorite day, will feature animals from the SafeHaven Humane Society.”

Cannella encourages all students to come to the event, and hopes that they will learn more about opportunities available to them at the SEC while attending.

“Everyone is busy and everyone is stressed during this time of the term, so coming to this event would just give you some chill time to unwind for a bit,” Cannella said. “This is also a great chance for students to come and learn about what kinds of opportunities are offered to them in the Student Experience Center.”

According to Cannella, this is the first year this event is being held, and she hopes the SEC Study Break is the beginning of a new tradition here at OSU.

“It’s really exciting since the event is new, so everything gets built from the ground up. We got a lot of creative freedom with this event,” Cannella said. “The SEC is a relatively new building, so it’s an awesome opportunity to bring students in and show them the place.”

Freshman in engineering Jeremy Sison said he is already feeling the pressure this dead week and plans on attending the SEC Study Break.

“I’m stressed about the upcoming finals week because I have borderline grades and hard classes,” Sison said. “I’m going to the study break with some of my friends.”

Junior in economics Stephanie Merrick has gone through her fair share of finals and has learned the best way to make dead week less stressful is taking time to relax and not over-studying.

“I have definitely learned better time management during my time here. I take study breaks all the time. I would totally attend the event if I didn’t have class during that time,” Merrick said.

Freshman in business Jackson Shinpaugh said that although he has it easier this term than last term, he struggled through some tough finals during his first term.

“I’m taking a pretty light workload this term so I only have one final,” Shinpaugh said. “Still, I definitely want to go to the study break event. If puppies are there, I’m there.”

The events will be held at the Student Experience Center on March 8 through March 10, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day.

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