Letter to the editor: Suspension of International Degree option disappointing

Lena Newlin

I was very disappointed to read the article about the suspension of the International Degree program.

The ID program was one of the primary reasons I chose to attend OSU in 1994, and it provided me with the most meaningful experience of my entire undergraduate career. I believe that I got my first job because of my experience in the ID program. (I took my thesis with me to my job interview!)

I am still in touch with and close to the people I met and worked with in Mexico as part of my international experience. In fact, I am taking my 3 year old daughter with me to visit them this May.

I hope to cultivate an appreciation and understanding of what it means to be a global citizen in my children, in the same way the ID program did for me.

I am thankful to OSU for providing me with the incredible opportunities through the ID program and I am deeply saddened to hear that future students will not receive this benefit.


Lena Newlin, OSU alumna

B.S. Health Promotion & Education, 1999

B.A. International Studies, 1999

M.P.H., 2005