Swift Serenity: Keep calm, carry on during week 10, finals

Skye J. Lyon

Since when did “Dead Week” demeanor become nothing more than unreceptive classmates, careless drivers vis-à-vis argumentative pedestrians and technologically incapable teachers trying to rummage through the endless plethora of final exam grades?

Needless to say, mid-way through our academic year we seem to lose sight of humanity and start dredging through repetition like mindless zombies with little to no regard for anyone else.

How selfish can a college student be?

We are all struggling to scrape through to the bitter end—seniors will genuinely understand this notion—however, why can’t we display an ounce of compassion for our peers and their personal affairs?

Look around you.

By working hard and staying focused through academia, you have managed to be a student at Oregon State University. Some will scoff at this statement; however, whether it is your parents, select family members, dear friends, or spouse tagging alongside you throughout your college experience, you need to always have them as loving motivation to aim higher than you have ever gone before.

Echo this shred of good will: be uniquely you for someone who desperately needs of a confidant.

Even if this is showcasing a smile to the wallflower in your class or empathizing with a professor who is being particularly difficult, kindness is recurring.

Those who outwardly display hostility, sadness or loneliness are those who need of you the most. The smallest of gestures—no matter the size or scale—are grand enough to move mountains. And sometimes, that is all the validation a person needs to carry on throughout their day.

Be a beacon of light in the fog: wallowing in your misery will only distort your clarity this coming week. Do not allow for these high times of great tension to get in the way of your main focus.

If you look around campus, you’re not as unique in having these troubles as you think you are.

Everyone is or will be in your given scenario at some point or another. Do not think for a second there is no one to talk to about your hardships. Be proactive and seek others for help on how to control your stress if breathing meditation or exercise are not doing the trick.

But, if you can manage to control your stress properly, be that glimmer of hope for someone in need. Buy them a cup of coffee, sit in the presence of nature, and allow for your ears and heart to be open and responsive.

Getting yourself tangled in the beast and getting out successfully is only half the battle. Providing others with direction and guidance will revolutionize the angst filled monotony of Week 10.

That, my friends, is winning the war.

The opinions expressed in Lyon’s column do not necessarily reflect those of The Daily Barometer staff.

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