Donald Trump tirade has become troublesome

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta on Sunday, Feb. 21, 2016. (Olivier Douliery/TNS)

Riley Youngman

Dear America,

Please stop.

This whole Donald Trump thing is spiralling dangerously out of control.

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A year ago, we all laughed when Trump announced he would be running for President of the United States of America. We laughed hard. It was a ridiculous notion—the man whose main claim to fame was through his outlandish personality that was best highlighted through his reality television show would never actually be elected.

Or so we thought.

Then Trump gained some traction and we laughed a little more, this time a little more skeptically, but we were sure he would fade away into the background at any time, but still he hung around.

Now Trump is not only competing in caucuses and primaries around the country, he is winning. And winning big. In the Nevada caucus earlier this week, Trump emerged victorious by a 22 percent margin. 22 points.

And now my laughing has turned to a silent sobbing. This isn’t funny anymore, this is serious. Trump is a viable candidate and has a real shot at this point of becoming the Republican nominee.

That’s terrifying. Trump’s policies and proposed plans of action are xenophobic and hateful, and he feeds on fear.

He perpetuates negative stereotypes and plays into the country’s vulnerabilities to further push his detestable agenda.

I’m all for free speech. Say what you want. But when you are in the position to possibly be the next leader of the free world, you are held to higher standards.

What’s so scary about Trump is not necessarily his actions and his constant hateful speech, it is his supporters. Trump has brought normality to racially charged actions and speech, and provided those who have otherwise had no way to broadcast their message a platform to magnify their often hateful views.

Granted, it is not fair to generalize an entire demographic, I acknowledge that, but if you Google search “Trump supporters” the first two suggested auto fills are “slavery” and “kkk.”


Watch footage from a Trump rally. Security is trained to immediately remove protesters or anyone who disagrees with Trump’s message. I understand the need to remove people who are creating a scene and acting in an outlandish manner, but there are numerous videos of silent protesters being removed from rallies simply for being there. Crowds jeer and fling offensive statements towards those individuals as they are taken out and thrown to the street.

“Let’s make America great again,” I hear.

Apparently what is meant by that is, “let’s make America great again, as long as it’s only great for me.”

So please America, I beg of you to end this horrid joke. It’s not funny anymore.

Trump is the kid in class who makes outrageous claims for attention, then realizes he can keep saying stupid things to keep people laughing. Don’t laugh anymore, my fellow countryman, we are only encouraging him further.

And when he ends up in the oval office, it will be our fault. It’s time to grow up and get real.

Mr. Trump, I would love nothing more than to see your campaign come to an end, with you hearing the two words you’ve made so famous.

“You’re fired.”

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