Home for the holidays

Chloe Stewart, News Contributor

With the end of the term just around the corner, many students have already made their plans for how they will be spending their three weeks off from school.

Abi Chadwick, a sophomore animal science major, is one of those students.

“I’m going to go home to Portland to spend time with my family and friends from high school who don’t go to OSU,” Chadwick said.

According to the Oregon State University Office of Institutional Research’s Fall 2015, approximately 61 percent of currently enrolled OSU students are originally Oregon residents. According to Chadwick, living in Oregon makes going home for school breaks easier for her.

“It’s less travel time and it’s less of a financial burden,” Chadwick said. “My family places a lot of emphasis on spending time together around the holidays.”

But for the remaining students, those who come from out of state or another country, returning home for school breaks isn’t always an option.

Ayat Albunaser, an international student from Saudi Arabia studying English, in the past used her school breaks to spend time with friends and even travel.

“Some of us will travel to another city or another state, some will stay on campus or visit family,” Albunaser said. “Maybe go to Portland, eat together, something fun.”

Additionally, INTO OSU will be hosting a number of activities at the International Living Learning Center and other venues for international students on campus during the holidays. The opportunities include festive activities like tree decorating and visiting the Eugene holiday market and OSU basketball games.

Students who stay during the break can still receive services from OSU University Housing & Dining Services.

According to Brian Stroup, the Associate Director of UHDS, all residence halls and dining halls will remain open to UHDS contract holders over the break. On holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, special menu options are offered to the remaining residents.

“We have upwards of 400 students stay over the winter break and the reasons vary from student to student,” Stroup said in an email.

According to Steve Clark, Vice President of University Relations and Marketing, OSU and the community try to provide students who can’t go home with opportunities during the holidays.

“We’re just trying to be mindful of the students who are here during the holidays,” Clark said.

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