Letter to the editor: CAPS letter of solidarity with students of color

To the OSU Community,

We, the staff of Counseling and Psychological Services, stand in solidarity with the students of color who courageously voiced their experiences of racism, ranging from micro-aggressions to outright hostility, within our campus community. The students’ bravery, authenticity, and vulnerability have to be met with administrative commitment to healing and change. Support is needed but action is vital, and we want to mobilize the momentum on every level: advocacy, communication, education, and policy.

We at CAPS acknowledge we have a role and responsibility in working to end violence and oppression. We join our colleagues across campus in affirming students of color. We hear you. We support and join you in your activism. And we are committed to creating a campus community where ignorance is no longer an excuse. We aim to provide institutional advocacy through individual and group couns! eling and through education on multiple levels, including staff development training, student retreats, and community forums.

There is a fine line between hate speech and free speech. Living, studying, and working at a Predominantly White Institution requires resilience for students of color. We acknowledge your pain and recognize your strength.

In community,

The staff of Counseling and Psychological Services:

Christina Aegerter

Aditi Ahlawat

Ozge Akcali

Marcey Bamba

Autumn Benton

Sherri Bird

Shaznin Daruwalla

Jan Elliott

Douglas Gomez

Jim Gouveia

Ian Kellems

Bonnie Hemrick

Kadie Johnson

Jennifer Munch

Michele Ribeiro

Stephanie Shippen

Darlene Seltzer

Kate Stewart

Allison Sullivan

Emi Sumida

Ellen Topness

James VanDyke

Patsy Vaughn

Tracy Vawter

Brett Vicario

Emelyne Woessner

Elizabeth Zimmermann