Letter to the editor: Educational Opportunities Program staff stand in solidarity with students of color

EOP Staff

As we are all aware, college students across the nation continue to protest the treatment of students of color on their campuses and share their struggle to have their voices heard. At OSU, we also have a history of student protest leading to change in support for students and faculty of color.

Student activism laid the groundwork for many changes on our campus – the Cultural Resource Centers, the Difference, Power, and Discrimination requirement in the Baccalaureate Core, and the Minority Education Offices (now Diversity and Cultural Engagement) are a few examples.

Of particular meaning to our program, the OSU Black Student Walkout of 1969 resulted in the creation of the Educational Opportunities Program (EOP). The faculty and staff of EOP are continuing this long tradition by supporting the students who demonstrated great courage at the Student Speak Out on Monday, November 16, 2015.

EOP has been and always will be a support for students from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences. We provide a place for students to feel included and at home in a safe environment and supported in the wholeness of who they are as human beings. Being a part of the community means being welcomed and supported through thick and thin, through hard times and celebrations of achievement. Therefore we strongly support the requests made by the students last Monday and add our request that administrators continue making the changes that will intentionally build this community for all of OSU, ensuring that everyone feels a part of our community. Thank you to the students who have continued the hard work of standing up for what is right and reminding all of us just how important that is. We stand with you.

In Solidarity,

Educational Opportunities Program staff:

Clare Braun, EOP Writing Instructor

Courtney Garcia, EOP Academic Counselor

Kevin Gatimu, EOP Math GTA

Erin Glover, EOP Math GTA

Michael Grimm, EOP Reading and Writing Instructor

Liz Jones, EOP Math Instructor

Freddy Leon, EOP Meyer GTA

Urmila Mali, EOP Academic Counselor/Instructional Coordinator

Kim McAloney, EOP Meyer Academic Engagement Coordinator

Janet Nishihara, EOP Director

Shalece Rains, EOP Academic Counselor

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