Student on the Street: Sophomores, do you feel like you’re getting the full college experience?

Katterlea MacGregor, News Contributor

Kieran Manning (Matthew McKenna, Photographer)

Kieran Manning

Sophomore geology and ocean science double major

“No, [because] our first year was entirely online and the dorms were super quiet and empty. And now even being back in person, classes are kind of empty this year and the events aren’t happening the same way they used to and, with masks, everything is
just different.”

“[I’m] optimistic because I’m hoping it’ll only get better from here. It seems like hopefully we won’t be going back online again. And as people get boosted and tested, hopefully we can keep working to move past this and get back more to normal and I’m hoping it gets better, because if it gets worse that’s not going to be very much fun.”


Mae Trice (Matthew McKenna, Photographer)


Mae Trice

Sophomore biology with pre-med option major

“I feel like I’m getting about 80% of [the college experience]. I’m really happy with most of the organizations I’ve joined and I’ve met a lot of new people. It’s just hard with that tiny bit of extra restriction where we still do have to be conscious. And even though obviously I’d rather wear a mask than end up in the hospital, you know, there still are times where it’s definitely harder.”

“[My outlook is] promising. I feel that I’ve done everything I can in the current to set myself up for success and all that’s left now is to make the most of any opportunity that comes along.”


Maggie McNeale (Matthew McKenna, Photographer)

Maggie McNeale

Sophomore Spanish and bio-health science double major

“Sort of, but the one thing I miss is getting to stay in the dorms. Just because it’s not feasible financially makes sense for me to do it because I have other options, but I think that’s the one thing I don’t get, but other than that, I think I’m getting pretty much the gist of the college experience. At least to the extent that most people probably would.”

“I quite enjoy having this independence that I didn’t have before. Having to have waited so long for it and having missed so much of the first year of it, it was something that I was really just trying to stay positive about. [It] got really hard at times, but I think it’s just important to keep a good outlook on what might come because if you stay negative about it it’s not really gonna happen.”


Peyton Kowalski (Contributed by Peyton Kowalski)

Peyton Kowalski

Sophomore business administration major

“I think I am getting the whole college experience just because we are able to attend sporting events, attend club meetings and have class in person. You’re able to have jobs, there’s obviously Greek life going on. The only things that’s hindering the college experience as of right now are masks just because you aren’t able to see people’s features and facial expressions, the things that make them recognizable. It’s small in comparison to the things that got in the way last year.”

“[My outlook is of] optimism, because we’ve had so many curve balls thrown at us already and we’ve overcome them. I hope that the rest of my time and the rest of the class of 2020’s time should be a breeze.”


Alexandra Swisher (Matthew McKenna, Photographer)

Alexandra Swisher

Sophomore biochemistry and molecular biology major

“With COVID-19, I don’t really feel super comfy doing all the things that you normally do. Going out with people, you know. Going to even like a movie with people now-a-days is too complicated because of COVID-19. I essentially missed out on a full year of college. I kind of feel like a freshman, but I lost a year, but I’m a sophomore.”

“I feel like, until senior year, I’m going to be playing catch up to get to the end. I feel like I didn’t get a great footing. It’ll be what it’s going to be at this point.”


Jay Shah (Matthew McKenna, Photographer)

Jay Shah

Sophomore computer science major

“Yes, I feel like I’m getting the full college experience. Probably because I have been going to in-person classes and getting involved in activities and things like that. I’m getting into campus.”

“I want to explore new things and learn new things and try to get into new activities.”


Nebiy Temesgen (Matthew McKenna, Photographer)

Nebiy Temesgen

Sophomore bio-health sciences major

“No, [I don’t think I am], mainly because a lot of the events I want to go to are
being cancelled.”

“[My outlook is] bleak because I don’t think the situation is being handled correctly and it doesn’t look like it’s changing anytime soon.” 


Nhu Nguyen (Matthew McKenna, Photographer)

Nhu Nguyen

Sophomore public health major with prereq for nursing

“I am now. Sort of. Because I get to meet people that are in my classes and meet them face to face, interact with professors and have a hands-on experience.”

“[My outlook is] bright, because Oregon State is really pretty in the spring and there’s a lot of opportunities… for growth here.”


Rohan Bukka (Matthew McKenna, Photographer)

Rohan Bukka

Sophomore computer science major

“So far, yeah. [Oregon State University] offers all the classes and then I get college life experience in my classes and stuff. Going to in-person classes and then all the lectures and all the bacc[alaureate] core classes.”

“[My outlook is] adventurous. There’s just so many things from classes to living on your own, you have so many different challenges to overcome.”


Blake Lee (Matthew McKenna, Photographer)

Blake Lee

Sophomore biology major with pre-med option

“No… I’m getting to go to classes and getting the education I want to get, but the social aspect isn’t really there. I’m kind of just doing what I’m told. I don’t have anything to compare it to because I did come out in 2020 during the pandemic and so this has been my college experience the entire time. It’s getting to be more normal now, so that’s good. I think we’re moving in the right direction.”

“Last year, I had COVID-19 and Mononucleosis and I got a B- in general chemistry. My whole family gave me crap for it. I’m just looking to keep it all A’s from here on out. And it feels like we’re getting to a more normal campus life. I’m cautiously optimistic about it.”

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