Tyce Peterson saves Beaver baseball with a walk-off double RBI


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Kendell Nave, Sports Contributor

The Oregon State Beaver baseball team came back to win 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth inning Friday night in Goss Stadium, after trailing the entire game.

The freshman designated hitter Tyce Peterson from Kirkland, Washington, had the bases loaded in front of him with two strikes in the bottom of the ninth. Peterson hit a curveball that was pitched to him, batting in two runners and winning the game for the Beavers.

“I don’t ever think I’ve ever had a walk-off actually,” said Peterson, “I mean that’s every kid’s dream right there. I saw two curveballs and just thought ‘I’m gonna fight here.’ I saw the curveball again after fouling off and I just slapped it through the hole.”

The Arizona Wildcats entered Goss Stadium on a six-game winning streak, while the Beavers just came off a win against Grand Canyon University and two losses in the series against Arizona State the previous weekend.

The Beavers’ first inning started with the weather being hot and humid. The sun was out at 84 degrees Fahrenheit and 44 percent humidity. This is the hottest that Goss Stadium has been all season.

The right-handed starting pitcher from Kennewick, Washington, Trent Sellers opened the game with two walks and three strikeouts. Second baseman Travis Bazanna earned a base hit and a base stolen in the bottom of the inning.

The second inning saw Peterson get a hit to left field for extra bases. Following this, in the third inning junior first baseman Garret Forrester earned himself a base hit, and so did Bazzana. While attempting to get an extra base after his hit, Bazzana was tagged out by the Wildcats.

After this in the fourth inning, the Wildcats had the bases loaded with one out. This happened because, Arizona’s first baseman Kiko Romero was hit by a pitch, designated hitter Emilio Corona hit a double, and second baseman Mason White was walked.

The Beavers’ infielders called a timeout and talked to Sellers to calm him down. Sellers then came back to strike out the next two batters, ending the inning and upping his strikeout count to six, and finished the game with seven.

“I felt very good, just getting that team win. I try to go out and get my team that win,” said Sellers, “I just gotta strike these guys out, and also get it done for the fans.”

The Wildcats’ Chase Davis got a hit out to the right field in the top of the fifth inning. The right fielder Brady Kasper went to field the ball but did not fully pick it up from the ground. Kasper threw the ball to Bazzana while Davis was trying to turn to second base and was tagged out. The Wildcats’ shortstop Nik McClaughry was able to steal home making the score 1-0.

During the bottom of the seventh inning, the Beavers’ left fielder Mason Guerra was walked to first after receiving four balls and one strike. Mikey Kane the third baseman from La Canada, California, got an extra-base hit while advancing Guerra to third base.

In the final inning, junior Micah McDowell hit a single to the left side of the field. Guerra got walked after that, putting McDowell in scoring position. The Wildcats then looked to their bullpen and brought in Dawson Netz the right-handed junior relief pitcher.

The Beavers then put in a pinch runner for Guerra. The pinch runner put on in scoring position was freshman Canon Reeder. Kasper bunted to the left, attempting to sacrifice, but he was quick enough to make it to first base, loading the bases.

Kane hit a single to the left side, but McDowell was ruled out after some confusion and a review of the play deciding if the Arizona catcher Tommy Splaine touched home plate or not to get the force out.

Peterson then batted in Reeder and Kasper with a single winning the game for the Beavers. He was immediately chased by his team and they proceeded to pour two water jugs on his head to celebrate the victory.

The Beavers play Arizona in the second game of the series Saturday at 3 p.m.

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