Harris: Getting a sports fix amidst a crisis

It’s been four long months since sports have stopped. People are going mad, challenging anyone to anything just to feel the rush of competition again. 

Wait, scratch that. It’s only been just over a month. You know the saying, ‘Time flies when you’re having fun?’ Yeah, it’s basically the opposite. 

Sports are a major part of many people’s lives, myself included. Since I was in third grade, I would look forward to basketball season. My season would end right before the NBA playoffs would start. My dad would come home from work and ask me ‘Basketball again? Really?’ with a hint of concern in his voice during April when the first round of playoffs began. 

Suddenly, it’s all stripped away. 

Now, I’m not saying that there’s a way to fill this void completely. However, desperate times call for desperate measures and people across the country are finding different ways to get their sports fix. 

Some look to the past and historic games are constantly being uploaded or streamed to Youtube to fill this drought. Games that changed the course of history are ready to be watched at your leisure. Maybe I’m going a bit stir-crazy but if you treat it like it’s a live game, then it feels like one. We all know Larry Bird hasn’t worn short shorts since the early 90’s but let’s just pretend, ok?

Now is the time to take a deep dive into the history of sports to understand what made them what they are today. Ever wondered what caused the introduction of designated hitters in baseball, or why the pros have a different shot clock than college in basketball? Maybe you are more interested in a specific team’s history, what shaped their culture and how. Each team from every sport or league has their own unique story, perhaps it’s time to uncover it. 

ESPN, the sports headquarters of America, has resulted in video game competitions between athletes. Nothing like seeing world-class athletes play video games, am I right? ESPN also decided to release their highly promoted Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance months early to give everyone at home something new to rave about over social media. If you are a basketball fan, I highly recommend to spend some of your newfound free time on this mini series.

Those that miss the competitive atmosphere of sports the most, sorry I don’t have much for you. You can try to switch over to some virtual game to get your fix but we all know, it isn’t the same. However, while browsing through social media I have seen some interesting ways to combat this. Friends will send videos of themselves doing popular food challenges, boasting that the other can’t beat their time. Things like the Quarantine Olympics and games of H.O.R.S.E. over video calls are as close as it gets until life returns to normal. 

Many used sports as an escape from everyday life. It was something you could turn to when life was getting you down. Now, when we need it the most, it’s gone. During this hiatus we can learn to appreciate its roots and develop a deeper understanding of how sports came to be. And once they make their glorious return, we will all cherish them even more.

But until then, try to keep your sanity.