Corvallis Police Log: Feb. 28 – March 4

General Police Log Graphic

Michael Eubanks, Crime Beat Reporter

Feb. 28

Warrant Arrest – Failure to Appear

An officer responded to a call to the area of SW 5th Street and SW Jefferson Ave. for the report of a female who was pepper sprayed.

The officer arrived on the scene and identified the victim, whom she had known from previous interactions. The officer ran the victim through dispatch and discovered that she had a warrant for her arrest out of Lincoln County for Failure to Appear on a charge of Trespassing in the second degree. The officer then arrested the female and transported her to the Benton County Jail. She was released later in the day.

Warrant Arrest – Failure to Appear

An officer responded to a call at an apartment complex off of SW Western Blvd after a female had reported that a male was blocking the roadway while reaching into his pants. The officer made contact with a male in the parking lot. The male matched the suspect description and was attempting to hide behind a nearby building.

Dispatch advised the officer that the male had a warrant in Linn County for a Failure to Appear. The officer then placed the male into handcuffs and began transporting him to the Linn County Jail, however jail staff requested a hospital clearance, so the officer then transported the male to Samaritan Hospital in Albany.

The hospital staff cleared the male for the jail, however the jail would not would not accept him as the hospital had determined he had a 0.40% BAC via blood draw. The jail provided the male with his appearance paperwork and the officer then transported him back to Corvallis and released him at a men’s shelter.

Feb. 29

Disorderly Conduct 2

An officer was dispatched to Riva’s Taco Shop on NW 5th Street on a report that a male suspect had broken a window and defecated by the door. The description of the subject matched an individual who the department had two prior calls regarding over the course of the night.

The officer asked the male why he was hitting a window of the establishment and why he defecated on the sidewalk. The male stated he was angry because he was cold and wanted shoes and a warm place to stay. The officer asked him if he was meaning to break the window and he said “no,” but also “well yeah,” and stated he felt if he tried harder he could have broken the window.

Another officer spoke with the original caller, who was an employee of the restaurant. The employee stated that while the window didn’t break, the male hit the window a couple of times, which left scratches. The employee also stated he witnessed the male defecate on the sidewalk.

The officer who first made contact with the male issued him a citation for Disorderly Conduct in the second degree and then provided him an escort to a men’s shelter.

March 2

Warrant Arrest/Resisting Arrest

An officer observed a male walking down near SW 3rd Street. Dispatch advised the officer that the male had multiple warrants out for his arrest. When confronted, the male attempted to pull away from the officer multiple times and was ordered to the ground at taser point. The male was taken into the Benton County Jail on the warrant and for resisting arrest. He was released later in the day.

March 4

Disorderly Conduct 2/Phone Harassment

An officer responded to a call at a residence on NW 9th St for a report of criminal mischief.

A female reported that her ex-boyfriend came over to get his belongings. When he was leaving, he told her “good luck getting to work” while holding a pocket knife. The female came out to her vehicle and found her back driver’s side tire flat with a puncture on the outside. The female told the officer that her ex was repeatedly calling her and she had told him to stop.

The officer contacted the male who told him that he’d be willing to speak with him the next week. The male was later arrested and taken to the Benton County Jail, where he was booked and then released.

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