OSU Women’s Basketball sweep Mountain school series

OSU senior guard Mikayla Pivec looks to the basket to run an offensive play against Utah on Jan. 3 in Gill Coliseum. Pivec had a double double in with 20 points and 12 rebounds at Utah on Feb. 1 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The No. 10 Oregon State Women’s Basketball team battled the Utah Utes’ on Saturday, Feb. 1 at Salt Lake City’s Huntsman Center. The game was the Beavers 18th win of the season and their 12th consecutive win over Utah, allowing them a 6-4 record for the PAC-12. 

Utah battled well in the first half of the game, keeping the score at bay and tying with the Beavers at half time with a score of 32-32. 

Despite Utah coming out strong, the Beavers disrupted any chance of an upset against the Utes. 

After giving up 24 points during the first quarter, the Beavers took control of the game. With five minutes left in the third quarter, the Utes were only trailing by two, until the Beavers ended the third quarter by putting 30 points on the board, propelling them into the fourth quarter with a strong 62-43 lead.

Utah, determined to close the gap between them and the Beavers, put up 22 points compared to the Beavers 15 points in the fourth, ending the game with a win for Oregon State with a score of 77-65. Utah ended the game trailing only 12 points behind while the win gave the Beavers an overall sweep for their Mountain school series.

This is the second victory over Utah for Oregon State this year after their victory in the at-home and PAC-12 season opener against the Utes on Jan. 3. 

OSU senior guard Mikayla Pivec was the leader of the Beavers for the game. Pivec played 33 minutes and scored 20 points with 12 rebounds and five assists. This marks her 10th double-double of the season as she reached double digits in two stat lines. 

Notably, OSU senior guard Kat Tudorscored 16 points while junior guard Aleah Goodman also put up 11 points for the Beavers. 

OSU freshman forward Taylor Jones had two blocks compared to Utah freshman forward Lola Pendande’s three. 

Despite being a young team, Utah has the ability to shoot the ball well. Freshman Lola Pendande accumulated 17 points and went nine for nine at the free throw line while freshman guard Brynna Maxwell also had 17 points for the Utes. Notably, senior guard Kiana Moore scored four of seven at the three-point line. 

Another big weekend is coming up the Beavers as they look for redemption against Arizona State on Feb. 9 at Gill Coliseum. Last time these teams met was on Jan. 12 where the Beavers were upset in Tempe, Ariz. and lost 47-55. The Beavers have had four consecutive losses against this team in the last two years and look to break the pattern.

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