Corvallis Police Log: Jan. 24-30

General Police Log Graphic

Michael Eubanks, Crime Beat Reporter

Jan. 24


An officer spoke with a male who wished to report ongoing harassment. The male explained that in 2017 he fired an employee.

After firing the employee, the former employee sent him emails and messages that were threatening and rude. The male said that this continued for approximately six months.

He also said that he blocked the former employee’s number and social media and the messages began to slow down.

He explained that approximately every three months he still gets messages from the former employee from different email addresses, which he continues to block. The male said he received a message earlier that day that said “Lmao What I’d give to punch you in your little gremlin looking face”.

The officer advised the male that since the messages are few and far between, the best he could do was advise the former employee to stop the contact and inform him that if the harassing messages continued they could be considered telephonic harassment.

The officer then called the former employee, who admitted to sending the harassing emails when the past upset him. The former employee stated he would not contact his former boss again and admitted he was being petty. The officer advised the former employee that he was writing a report documenting that he has been advised to cease contact. The former employee stated he understood.


An officer spoke with a female who wanted to report ongoing contact from her ex.

The officer then called the male, who admitted to making phone calls and being upset that out of nowhere his ex kicked him out and is now refusing to talk to him despite the two owning a business together. The officer advised the male that his conduct could be considered a crime of telephonic harassment.

The male said he understood and would not contact his ex again unless it was through the appropriate legal channels or a third party to coordinate getting his property.

Theft 1 – Deception

An officer contacted a female regarding a fraud complaint. The female said that a male called her from a 1-800 number asking her about renewing her Microsoft security software.

The caller agreed to have the software renewed and gave the caller remote access to her computer, debit/credit card numbers and bank account information. The caller instructed the female to go to Walmart and purchase $1000 in gift cards to pay for the software.

The female then purchased two $500 Walmart gift cards and provided the caller with the access codes over the phone. She then contacted her bank, who informed her she was being scammed. The bank attempted to halt the transactions and filed a fraud claim. The female wanted the incident documented and a report number to provide to her bank.

Jan. 25


An officer was dispatched to a residence in South Corvallis for a report of a female hitting another female’s vehicle window.

Upon arrival investigation, it was revealed that the suspect used a pointed metal spatula to bang on the victim’s vehicle window and subsequently told the victim that she was “going to kill” her with the spatula. No damage occurred to the vehicle, and the spatula was seized for evidence.

The suspect was taken into custody and subsequently searched and arrested. She was then lodged in the Benton County Jail.

Jan. 26

Criminal Trespass 2

An officer was dispatched to a report of a trespass at a gas station in downtown Corvallis.

The officer’s computer-aided-dispatch stated that a female was drunk and screaming and had been asked to leave several times.

The officer’s investigation revealed that all claims had been true, and that the female additionally had blocked customers from getting gas. She was arrested for Criminal Trespass II.

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