Corvallis Police Log: Feb. 7-9

General Police Log Graphic

Michael Eubanks, Crime Beat Reporter

Feb. 7

Loud Noise/Unlawful Amplified Sound/Open Container

An officer responded to a local residence in West Corvallis for a parking complaint due to an event taking place at the house. As the officer was responding to the location, he could hear the sound of a live band playing over speakers from well over 200 feet away.

The officer also observed multiple people standing in the roadway with open alcoholic beverages. He could also hear multiple people yelling inside the residence over 50 feet away.

The officer then contacted a resident of the property and issued him a Special Response Notice for Loud Noise, Unlawful Amplified Sound, and Open Container. The resident advised that he would end the party and had no questions, so the officer provided him with a business card and ended contact.

The City of Corvallis Municipal Code and Ordinances Ord. 82-77 § 102.01 Section reads, “No person shall make, assist in making, continue, or cause to be made any unreasonably loud, disturbing, or unnecessary noise.”

Vehicle Accident – No Injury

An officer came across a minivan stuck on the railroad tracks in downtown Corvallis. The driver was standing outside the vehicle on the phone with dispatch.

The driver explained that she was driving east on Western Boulevard and attempted to turn on 7th Street, which was blocked off. She continued onto 6th Street, which is divided by curbing with railroad tracks running through the middle.

The driver said she did not see the tracks until she was on top of them. She said she thought she could negotiate her vehicle off the tracks but got even more stuck. The driver was not impaired and a towing company responded to the scene to remove the vehicle off the tracks.

Feb. 8

Theft 3 – Shoplifting

An officer responded to a call at Safeway in downtown Corvallis for a shoplifting that had just occurred. As he was responding, the officer saw a male matching the suspect description on a street corner a few blocks north of the store.

The officer identified the male, who admitted to stealing a case of beer valued at $12.99. He also had an Albany Municipal Court warrant for failing to appear in court for a Trespass 2 charge.

The male was arrested for the theft and on the Albany warrant and was transported to the Benton County Jail. He was released from jail later in the day.

Feb. 9

Theft 2

An officer contacted a male staying at the Budget Inn in downtown Corvallis in regards to his theft report.

The male reported he had met a transient female, brought her back to his room, and she stole $980 in cash while he was using the restroom. The male then provided a description of the female, though she was not later identified or found.

Criminal Trespass 2

Officers were dispatched to the downtown Corvallis Safeway for a trespassing complaint. An employee contacted police after a male refused to leave the bathroom after being told to leave so the store could close.

The male was contacted by police and exited the bathroom. He had been previously trespassed from the business and admitted to knowing he was trespassing.

He was issued a citation for Criminal Trespass 2.