ASOSU President/VP: Welcome to OSU 2019

Rachel Josephson, ASOSU President and Kylie Boenisch

Hi Beavs!

Whether you are embarking on the very beginning of your journey at Oregon State, wrapping up, or anywhere in-between, we want to welcome you (or welcome you back) to our beautiful campus for the 2019-2020 school year. We hope that you have enjoyed summer and that you are ready for this academic year to begin! No matter where you are in your academic journey, OSU is your home and you belong here, which is why one of our main focuses is facilitating the expansion and development of Oregon State’s community, for all students, both on campus and off. Time to dive in to the year ahead and get ready to embrace the new perspectives and experiences that come with it!

Our administration has multiple campus-wide priorities for this academic year, as well as a commitment to improve the Associated Students of Oregon State University internally. Our main external focuses are: tackling food insecurity along with OSU administration and other campus partners, fundamentally increasing campus-wide environmentalism, ensuring that every student has access to the mental healthcare and other student wellness services they need, and also to always have inclusion and equitable practices in place that are adapting and operating at the fullest extent to ensure that folks with diverse identities at this campus can flourish and grow. 

Over the summer, students in ASOSU have been preparing for the new school year, improving upon and creating new resources for students. The ASOSU website has been revamped into a much more user-friendly interface. Do you have a vision for change on campus? Our website now includes an option to connect with an ASOSU legislator to write a piece of legislation, since any student can write a Bill or Resolution that can encourage change here at OSU.

Finally, one of ASOSU’s largest recurring initiatives is campus wide voter registration efforts. ASOSU is partnering with a web service called TurboVote that provides individualized voter registration services based on your needs. Many of you have recently relocated back to Corvallis, and probably changed your address so you need to update your registration! The deadline to register for this fall’s election cycle is October 15th. To access Oregon State’s TurboVote page, please scan the nearby QR code. Furthermore, if you are looking to get involved with ASOSU, check out our website and click the “get involved” tab to find out ways to volunteer to better our beaver community. Questions or concerns? Email [email protected] or visit SEC 250!

We hope that this year starts smoothly and we remind you that ASOSU is here to serve you throughout your endeavors here. Let’s do this!


Rachel Josephson, ASOSU President

Kylie Boenisch, ASOSU Vice President 

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