Akon announced as DAM JAM headliner

Akon and Jesse McCartney will perform at DAM JAM on May 31 at Reser Stadium. This will be the second year in a row that the outdoor music event will be hosted at Reser. 

Jaycee Kalama, News Reporter

Hip-hop artist and humanitarian, Akon, has been named as the headliner for DAM JAM, an annual concert hosted by OSU Program Council.

After dedicating the past few years to his Lighting Africa campaign, an effort to get 600 million Africans access to electricity, the grammy-nominated artist’s DAM JAM performance at Reser Stadium on May 31 will be his first performance in the Pacific Northwest in years.

Jesse McCartney, who just released a new single, ‘Wasted,’ back in September, will be opening for Akon to celebrate the end of the 2018-19 year.

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OSUPC has been listening to student feedback on last year’s DAM JAM and really believe that they have taken good measures to improve the experience of all attendees, according to Jensen Ocampo, the OSUPC Music and Concerts Coordinator.

“I’m super excited about this year’s Dam Jam,” Ocampo said. “We are really excited about this year’s artists because they both have such a wide appeal and everyone will be able to sing along to their hits. We feel like this has the potential to be the best year yet.”

OSUPC Program Coordinator, Heather Rapp, said that they expect a good turnout, and they are hoping for record attendance. Rapp said Akon was their first choice for headliner. 

“We feel that Akon was a good choice for his popularity amongst a diverse group of people,” Rapp said. “His music is recognizable.”

Dam Jam is an opportunity for all students to come together and celebrate the end of the school year with a variety of activities, according to Ocampo. The Dam Jamboree will take place before the concert, where there will be more live performances from students, games, as well as booths from sponsors and different groups on campus.

The Dam Jamboree will be held at the Parker Plaza from 3-7 p.m. and the Dam Jam concert is from 8-11 p.m. in Reser Stadium, doors open at 6 p.m.

This year’s DAM JAM will have a limited offer package that includes a ticket and field access.  Tickets can be purchased on the DAM JAM website or at the front desk of the Student Experience Center. Jesse McCartney meet and greet tickets, as well as information on how to gain free field access are also available on the website. 

A regular ticket for students are $15 and $35 to the public. Students can pay $30 for the limited offer package, while $50 to the public. Though, it does not include a ticket, Jesse McCartney meet and greet passes are $40 for everyone. 

All ticket sales will be available Monday, April 15 at 8 a.m. However, field access is available for purchase currently. 

“We hope students come to the Dam Jamboree and DAMJAM to celebrate the end of the year and reflect on the good memories they have made at Oregon State University,” said Rapp. “ We encourage students to take care of themselves and each other to celebrate the year in a positive, safe, and  comfortable environment. A lot of planning and consideration goes into this event and we always welcome feedback.”

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