Friday deadline for ASOSU candidacy applications approaches

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Delaney Shea, News Editor

Ending Friday, the application window to run for an Associated Students of Oregon State University position is rapidly drawing to a close.

The deadline to file for candidacy for any elected ASOSU position is Friday at 11:59 p.m., and attending an information session is required for eligibility. The last information session will be held tonight at 5 p.m. in MU 211. Positions available include president, vice president, speaker of the House, senator, representative, and Student Fee Committee chair and members.

Last year saw a spike in interest regarding the ASOSU elections, culminating in a nearly 21 percent turnout, a record high. Backlash against a former ASOSU graduate representative’s white nationalist views sparked interest in the 2018 elections, causing additional candidates to run.

Sumegha Aryal, ASOSU chief of staff and member of the 2019-20 Elections Committee, said although she is unable to confirm the amount of applications submitted at this time, she believes that the turmoil of last year has carried over to this year’s elections.

“I think students are still aware of what happened last year and that whole situation in general, and I think that has brought more awareness to ASOSU in general, too, whether that’s good or bad, so I would say yes it still has made an impact of who has been interested,” Aryal said. “Obviously when you see a situation you might not prefer it might motivate you to get more involved.”

Aryal suggests that students interested in running attend tonight’s information session, to get an idea for the amount of work and background of their potential position, and reach out to whomever is currently holding that position to ask about the difficulties of the job.

“I think it’s important for all students to be active on our campus and be aware of things that go on because it all affects us,” Aryal said.

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