Live Game Updates: OSU Men’s Soccer vs. SMU

OSU Men’s Soccer

Ryan Byrne, Sports Contributor

Location: Paul Lorenz Field, Corvallis Ore. 

Kickoff: 6 p.m.

First Half

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2:05 | Shot 

SMU Senior Forward Akean Shackleford shot from 40 yards out is just wide. 

9:49 | Cross in the box 

OSU senior forward Don Tchilao attempts a cross in the box that is saved by SMU junior goalkeeper Grant Makela.

14:20 | Shot

OSU freshman midfielder Sofiane Djeffal shoots from 20 yards out and send it just over the crossbar. 

15:48 | Cross into the box

SMU junior defender Eddie Munjoma sends a cross in the box off a foul by OSU, and it is collected by OSU freshman goalkeeper Adrian Fernandez.

24:50 | Shot

A pass into the box from OSU sophomore defender Joe Hafferty is sent over the cross bar off the header by Tchilao.

28:03 | Goal | OSU 1 – SMU 0

Assists from Tchilao and Freshman forward Gloire Amanda result in a header goal from Djeffal, giving the beavers an early lead. 

38:05 | Shot

After a scuffle in the box Djeffal sends it over the crossbar with a header.

44:43 | Free Kick 

After an SMU foul, Djeffal sends a free kick into the box that is almost tapped in by Tchilao. 

End of First Half | OSU 1 – SMU 0 

After a very physical first half the Beavers maintain the 1 – 0 lead going into the dressing room. 

2nd Half

51:22 | Shot

Shot on goal from Munjoma results in a save by Fernandez.

54:10 | Free kick 

A foul on SMU results in an OSU free kick, Djeffal sends it high over the crossbar. Goal kick. 

60:10 | Shot 

SMU Shackleford hits crossbar with shot on goal.

66:12 | Shot 

OSU Tchilao with a shot on goal is saved by Makela.

67:17 | Corner kick

After an OSU deflection, Munjoma stands over the corner ready to take it. 

67:21 | Goal | OSU 1 – SMU 1

After the corner from Munjoma, SMU sophomore midfielder Nicky Hernandez heads it in to tie the game. 

67:53 | Goal | OSU 2 – SMU 1

An assist by Tchilao results in an open shot for OSU junior defender Eric Diaz, beavers reclaim the lead 2-1.

73:32 | Shot 

SMU Hernandez with an acrobatic tap in goal attempt results in a Beavers free kick. 

77:59 | Shot 

OSU Amanda has a shot on goal that is stopped by Makela. 

81:27 | Corner 

SMU corner taken by Munjoma, corner is cleared away by Hafferty.

83:23 | Shot 

SMU Munjoma shoots from 30 yards out and it sails over the crossbar.

89:46 | Foul 

SMU junior defender Phillip Ponder and OSU keeper Fernandez make contact and Fernandez remains on the ground hurt.

FINAL | OSU 2 – SMU 1 

This marks the Beavers’ second post-season win in school history with goals from Djeffal and Diaz. 

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