OSU baseball falls to UCLA, takes second in Pac-12

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Jarred Bierbrauer, Sports Reporter

In their last regular season game Saturday, the Oregon State University Beavers (44-10-1) couldn’t keep up with the University of California, Los Angeles Bruins (36-19) as the gold and blue baseball team took the win with a final score of 4-1.

UCLA Sophomore Ryan Kreidler sent a two-run single to the center of left field, letting his teammates Kevin Kendall and Jack Stronach get to home plate.

The Beavers answered back in the sixth inning, when junior infielder Zak Taylor was able to score on a wild pitch, getting OSU on the board at 3-1.

Of the five different pitchers to enter the game for OSU, redshirt junior Sam Tweedt shined out for the Beavers when he stepped in for three innings. Tweedt had only played two innings on the year, but was able to put up 18 strikes out of his 31 pitches, as well as earning a strike out.  

The Bruins wouldn’t budge however, as UCLA sophomore Jeremy Ydens sent on over the left wall in the bottom of the eighth. No other Beaver would touch home-plate for the rest of the game as the Bruins defense tightened up.

OSU ended the game with eight hits and 27 putouts, as well as having five more at-bats than UCLA, but it wasn’t enough to cap the victory.

Had Stanford University lost to the University of Washington and OSU beaten UCLA, the Beavers would have been crowned the 2018 Pac-12 Champions. 

Senior infielder Michael Gretler was short of words about the teams performance.

“I think the offense just never got going,” Gretler said. “We swung it well you know, hit some balls hard, but we got to do a better job.”

The 2018 NCAA Tournament selection show will be airing 9 a.m. on Monday, determining who will face the Beavers at home next week.

Correction: An earlier version of this story included the sentence “Had the Beavers won this game, they would have been crowned the collegiate baseball 2018 Pac-12 Champions.” This sentence now includes the context that for the Beavers to finish first, Stanford University would have had to lose to the University of Washington. Stanford beat the University of Washington 6-5 Saturday.

The Baro apologizes for the mistake.

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