Muslim students celebrate Ramadan starting May 15

Community Iftar Dinner

The Baro Staff

Organizations to host iftar community events.

Starting May 15, the month of Ramadan marks a time of spiritual discipline, extra charity and compassion for practicing Muslims. Despite the hardships of fasting associated with Ramadan, the holy month is a time of celebration to be spent filled with gatherings of family, friends and the exchange of gifts. 

For this year during Ramadan, the OSU Muslim Student Association and Ettihad Cultural Center will be hosting two iftar events for students who are fasting and the community as a whole. 

Ramadan is regarded as the holiest month of the year for Muslims. This year, Ramadan begins May 15 and continues through June 14. 

Community Ramadan events are mainly organized and hosted by OSU’s Muslim Student Association and Ettihad Cultural Center. As the Public Relations and Outreach Officer for the MSA, Mohammad Shakibnia collaborates with students and faculty who work to spread awareness of Ramadan and resources on campus. 

“As a member of the MSA and part of the staff at the ECC, we have a duty of making sure that Muslim students (around 1.5k) on campus feel supported and welcome,” Shakibnia said. “This is especially true for international students, who not only need extra support and resources academically here on campus, but are also often far from their friends, family and loved ones and need spaces where they feel welcome and in community.”

One of the main tenets of Islam is the practice of fasting during Ramadan. Practicing Muslims to not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset each day during the holy month. The other four tenets are the Muslim declaration of faith, daily prayer, giving to charity and performing the pilgrimage to Mecca for those who are able, Shakibnia said. 

“By doing so, we’re able to know ourselves better, grow spiritually in our relationship with God, and reflect and free ourselves from selfishness in our the ways that we carry out our everyday lives,” Shakibnia said. 

The first Ramadan event is a community iftar dinner, where Muslims and non-Muslims are welcome to learn to Ramadan and join in breaking fast. This event is taking place May 17 from 8-10 p.m. in the Memorial Union Ballroom. Tickets for students and youth are free and can be reserved through the ECC’s Facebook event, located on its Facebook page.

Additionally, the MSA will host a Malcolm X Solidarity Fair on May 25 at 7:30 p.m.

“We (the MSA) also have been working to organize and iftar dinner in honor of the Malcolm X’s legacy and his messages of solidarity and social justice,” Shakibnia said. 

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