ASOSU 2018 candidate list released, Andrew Oswalt running for graduate representative position in spite of recall vote

Andrew Oswalt (center), a self-described member of the “alt-right”, participating in a House of Representatives meeting in January 2018. 

The Baro Staff

Following Friday’s deadline for filing for an elected position in the Associated Students of Oregon State University, the complete list of candidates that will be featured on the ballot has been released. Elections for next year’s positions will take place online between Monday, Feb. 12 at 12:01 a.m. and Friday, Feb. 16 at 10 p.m.

Current graduate Rep. Andrew Oswalt will face a recall vote in the upcoming election stemming from his recent expression of white nationalist views and a subsequent petition from the ASOSU Senate. However, according to ASOSU Judicial Council Chair Josh Kaufman, even if Oswalt is recalled this term, he is eligible to hold office again next year if voted in. Oswalt is listed as a graduate representative candidate in this year’s election.

President/Vice President Tickets (1 open seat, 4 tickets)

Justin Bennett and Aiden Tariku

Peter Halajian and Wyatt Swick

Ben Nzowo and Jai McClean

Zack Buhlmann and Darby Buhlmann

Speaker of the House (1 open seat, 5 candidates)

Mitchell York

Luke Bennett

Tatyanna Statum

Seth Thomas

Carol Moreno

House of Representatives – Graduate Seats (5 open seats, 12 candidates)

Rachel Kingsley

Dilushka Balapiti Modarage

Kennedy Winston

Clint Mattox

Tatiana Dolgushina

Erica Mercier

Jeffrey Caley

Lisa Fernandez

Emory Colvin

Michael Dumelle

Andrew Oswalt

Hazel Daniels

House of Representatives – Undergraduate Seats (30 open seats, 27 candidates)

Alexis Scamarone

Evan Lawson

Rachel Josephson

Mark Fontaine

Caleb Naughton

Christian Wagner

Michael Yurkovskiy

Sarah Settimo

Joshua Cooper

Ian Wilson

Laura Rathbun

Kendyl Welker

Aaron Satyanarayana

Braam Beresford

Christopher Guske

Savanna Miller

Joseph Didner

Ian Walker

Timothy Shelton

Duncan Fuller

Alex Chisick

Nakaycha Dent

Mattia Carbonaro

Meredith Bowers

Denice Gonzalez

Katherine Hercher

Trent Fornasier

Senate (6 open seats, 14 candidates)

Tiffany Tep

Alessandro Milio

Vivian Le

Spencer Gullickson

Daniyal Nadeem

Dylan Perfect

Eddie Torres

Kylie Boenisch

Ryan Maza

Safi Ahmad

Ayla Bussel

Christian Wagner

Steven Morris

Michael Haffner

Student Fee Committee Chair (1 open seat, 2 candidates)

Theresa Thurston

Alexandra Luther

Student Fee Members At-Large (4 open seats, 0 candidates)