UPDATED: Former OSU football player charged with rape

Jordan Pace was accused by the Grand Jury for Benton County of four offenses. His second court date is set for Dec. 18, 2017.

Former Oregon State University football player and nineteen-year-old OSU student Jordan Pace was arrested in Benton County on Monday on four charges.

An indictment was filed Nov. 7 in the circuit court of the state of Oregon for Benton County. Jordan Pace was accused by the Grand Jury for Benton County of four offenses: rape in the first degree, unlawful sexual penetration in the first degree, sodomy in the first degree and sexual abuse in the second degree. All four counts were said to have taken place on or about May 14, 2017 in Benton County. A list of nine witnesses were listed in the indictment.

A warrant was then issued on Nov. 8 with security in the amount of $375,000.

Jordan Pace appeared for his arraignment on Nov. 13 in front of judge Matthew H. Donohue. Pace was and continues to be represented by district attorney Nicholas Ortiz. Pace appeared in custody by video feed to his arraignment.

Jordan Pace plead not guilty to his charges. He also waived his right to extradition to the state of Oregon.

His bail was imposed at $50,000 and Jordan Pace was released after 10 percent ($5,000) of the bail was paid by Ronald S. Pace on Nov. 13.

The conditions of Jordan Pace’s bail are: he shall not not have any form of contact with the alleged victim, the alleged victim’s residence or immediate family. Jordan Pace is also not to attend any college classes attended by the alleged victim.

However, Pace is allowed to travel to Seattle, Washington and Alaska to visit relatives.

Pace’s next court date is set for Dec. 18, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. at the Benton County Courthouse.

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