Confederate flag hangs in window across from Black Cultural Center

A confederate flag hangs in the window of The Pillar, a student resource center provided by the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship. 

Baro Staff

A Confederate flag hung in the windows of The Pillar, a student resource center provided by the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship during Oregon State University’s first week of classes. This flag directly faces OSU’s Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center.

As of Sunday, Sept. 24, the flag still remains in the window.

“The flag is within a window of a room occupied by a tenant living within a private cooperative living unit across a street from the Corvallis campus. The cooperative living unit has no affiliation with Oregon State University,” said to Vice President of University Relations and Marketing Steve Clark via email.

A sign now stands in the law of The Pillar, reading, “Chi Alpha and God Hate Racism.” According to Clark, members of the cooperative have reached out to the LBCC, stressing the flag does not reflect The Pillar’s views.

“Oregon State University is very disappointed by this flag’s presence, as it serves as a representation of slavery and racism in the history of our country,” Clark said via email.

Clark also stressed the university’s pledge to unity, regardless of the presence of the flag.

“As a university community, we are fully committed to diversity of all kinds and stand united for inclusivity of all people,” Clark said via email. “As a community, we will not let this flag disrupt celebrations that highlight the remarkable contributions that all of our students make to the Oregon State community.”

Clark offered university resources for students seeking support.

“During this time, we are offering support through our Student Care Team, the OSU Bias Response Team, the office of Diversity and Cultural Engagement and our student cultural resource centers,” Clark said via email.”

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