Letter from the SFC Chair

Student Fee Committee Chair Peter Schwartz intends to increase the transparency of the fee-setting process during the coming academic year.

Peter Schwartz, SFC Chair

The Student Fees Committee (SFC) is excited begin work on the FY19 budget. We have revamped our schedule this year in an effort to increase involvement by at large students at Oregon State as well as the transparency in the way the Student Fee budgeting process is navigated. In addition to our weekly meetings (time TBD) the committee holds numerous other events where we welcome public input. These events will be advertised through Orange Media Network. These events include our budget hearings, deliberation session and an open hearing where the SFC will finalize our recommendations. Lastly we will present during ASOSU Joint Session where congress will either approve or deny our recommendations.

The SFC intends to keep any fee increase as low as possible. The current budget climate presents numerous cost drivers which broadly affect many of our Student Fee funded units. Despite this challenge the SFC, along with the Major Unit Budget Directors and the Student Advisory Boards they work with, understand that controlling the rising cost of higher education is of the utmost importance.

We look forward to representing you in the coming year!

Peter Schwartz,

Student Fee Committee Chairman