Graduating seniors are moving on

Madeleine Smith, Multimedia Contributor

While most of the Oregon State University student body anticipates summer, the graduating seniors brace for entry into the workforce. With only about a week left as students, seniors look back on their favorite memories of OSU, anticipate their next steps and offer advice to current and future students.

What will you miss most about OSU?

“I’m gonna miss the high sense of community. I love that everyone comes together for games, for any major event, for Dam Jam that just happened a couple days ago. It’s just nice to see everyone decked out in orange and black and be as excited about OSU as I am, so I’m gonna really miss that,” Kenya Juarez, double major in history and speech communication, said.

Grace Jenkins, a double major in merchandising management and sustainability, expressed how she will miss the culture of OSU.

“I’m from Eugene, but when I came up to Oregon State, it felt like home,” Jenkins said.

How do you feel about graduating?

“I’ve always looked forward, and it’s always been finish school, finish sports, I’ve never really looked past that… but I have everything lined up and I’m just excited to see how it goes,” Nathan Smith, civil engineering major, said

“I look forward to the mystery, the challenges and just getting on with it I suppose,” Zach Vanhoesen, double major in animal science and chemistry, said.

“I’m nervous for it all to be over and I’m terrified of the real world, but I hear it’s really hit-or-miss so I’m hoping it’s more of a hit than a miss and I’m determined to make that happen.” Juarez said.

What advice would you give to current or future students?

“Early on, work on time management,” Smith said.

“Try everything. Say yes until you have to say no,” Jenkins said.

Alex Small, graduating with a bachelor’s in chemical engineering, explained how he will be pursuing his dream of being a performer for a career. Despite his uncertainty, he looks forward to spending his time doing what he loves.

“It’s okay to explore. I’m getting my degree in something that I’m not gonna get a job in,” Small said.

Juarez also encourages students to expand their horizons.

“Trying things that are different that what you’re used to is gonna be so rewarding,” Juarez said.