Meet the ASOSU lobbyists: Anesat León Guerrero

Anesat León Guerrero is a fifth year at OSU in sociology and is planning on pursuing a Master’s degree in higher education after graduation.

Riley Youngman, Editor-in-Chief

Anesat León Guerrero

  • Pronouns: She, Her, Hers
  • Year: 5th
  • Major: Sociology
  • Title: Executive Director of Diversity Programs

Originally born in Eastern Oregon, Léon Guerrero spent her childhood living in Mexico, Oregon and Arizona. She is most passionate about advocating for DACA under President Donald Trump’s administration.

Léon Guerrero has a long history with activism.

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“My experiences of activism have varied from marching in the streets, getting harassed by cops, to presenting social justice topics and making my way to having a seat at the table,” Léon Guerrero said. “Activism can be performed in many forms.”

Léon Guerrero was most looking forward to exercising her lobbying skills in D.C., while having the support of her fellow students.

While in Washington D.C., Léon Guerrero focused on issues pertaining to DACA, immigration reform, civil rights and higher education tuition equity. She is most passionate about these issues because they affect her personally.

“I am a first generation student and a daughter of farmworkers,” Léon Guerrero said. “I am also pursuing a Master’s in higher education and student affairs at Indiana University after graduating from OSU,”

Léon Guerrero was joined in her sub-lobby team by Josey Koehn and David Lax.

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