Three ASOSU Presidential tickets will go head-to-head tomorrow night for the annual debate

Candidates Simon Brundage and Radhika Shah prepare for Tuesday’s debate.

Rosie Morehead, Multimedia Contributor

Orange Media Network to televise first live ASOSU Presidential debate.

This Tuesday, March 7, the three ASOSU presidential tickets will go meet for a televised discussion and debate about Oregon State University and the issues that matters most to the students.

This year will be the first year that Orange Media Network hosts a live event where the three presidential teams will debate on air.

The teams of Jacqueline Logsdon and Josey Koehn, Simon Brundage and Radhika Shah, and Hunter Briggs and Hevani Fifita are preparing for this debate during the last few days of the campaigning period.

Logsdon and Koehn’s preparation include a balance between the two of learning about OSU in more detail and their opponent’s platforms.

“I have printed off around 30 pages of information to read. That is basically me making sure I have a solid background on a lot of the things that I am just not completely sure about at OSU, other programs and laws that are affecting Oregon State right now,” Koehn said.

“Looking at our other competitors’ backgrounds, really being able to break them down, pick them apart, and actually have the ability to come back with a rebuttal when necessary. I hope they do the same thing,” Logsdon added.

Shah and Brundage took a different approach as they prepare with positive attitudes and seeking others’ opinions on the logistics of a debate.

“The way we have been going about that is talking to people that do have experience, like what kind of questions do you think would be coming up, how can we prepare for all scenarios during the debate,” Shah said. “Just really making sure we cover all our bases.”

“I have been in speech and debate for years and years now,” Brundage added. “I feel very confident in our ability to make an impression at this debate, and I have a lot of faith in our platform. I have a lot of faith in the ideas we have.”

Fifita and Briggs’ key ideas in preparing for the debate were communicating with each other and speaking about goals that are beyond the minimum requirements for these positions.

“We have been talking constantly. At least each day for the last two weeks we spend at least seven hours together. Also looking at the topics that (current Vice President) Brett Morgan sent out in an email,” Briggs said.

“One of our things as well is trying to actually say things that are going to (bring) change and not just say things that are already in the job description,” Fifita said. “Something that we want to get ready for and really try with our answers is actually give answers that will actually give change and do something different that is being done already. A lot of people are unhappy with what is being done right now so why would we maintain that system that people are unhappy with.”

The debate takes place tomorrow in the Student Experience Center, on the fourth floor at Orange Media Network at 6 p.m. It will be available live on Comcast channel 26 or online at

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