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Ryley Martin, Practicum Contributor

While classes in college are most students’ first priority, some students may notice a lack of free time to spend outdoors. Time spent in the classroom distracts students from doing physical activities. Adventure Club, a group at Oregon State affiliated with the Adventure Leadership Institute (ALI), allows for people to go on trips amongst student leaders that may last from one to five days long. Although students may not have much of free time, joining Adventure Club and going on a five day trip even just once a year can provide students with an outdoor and social outlet.

Sheila Evans, an ALI advisor and professor, adds: “Adventure club is a way for us to share pursuits with students on campus and in the community.”

Adventure Club is an organization where ALI student leaders are able to plan their own trips if they have the prior leadership experience. ALI leaders are students who are pursuing their Leadership Certificates.

To get their Leadership Certificates they must take a series of courses, but also are required to lead a few trips to get real field experience. Coming up this winter break, there will be a five day cross country circumnavigation ski and camping trip around Crater Lake. If students can’t commit to long trips, there are many other activity options such as: backpacking, mountaineering, Alpine and rock climbing, kayaking, white water rafting, day hikes, or other activities that are ALI leaders’ areas of specialty.

Kevin Hoffheins, a highly experienced coordinator who has been involved with ALI and Adventure Club for three years, encourages students to join Adventure Club. Their major does not matter because it can be a great learning experience for anyone. This is one of the key aspects of Adventure Club.

“The ALI has been an integral part of not only building my education but also building me up as a person,” said Hoffheins. 

Most fronts are run by students, meaning that by joining Adventure Club, students are a part of a group run by other students who can relate to their interests and experiences. Students don’t need prior experience to join Adventure Club. Evans recommends students join to develop lifelong skills, and that they should take advantage while they are students here at OSU.

Usually there are two club meetings or events a term. One of the events Adventure Club put on in the past was a movie night where students could watch the movie while suspended from the rock walls on portal edges in Dixon Rec Center. They also host wilderness medicine scenario workshops and presentations from former ALI alumni.

Hoffheins reiterates that, “The ALI is fun, it is empowering, it is inviting, and I encourage everyone to become a part of it in some capacity.”

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