Resources available to OSU students during finals

Sara Almen, Practicum Contributor

As students prepare for finals, be sure to take advantage of the variety of resources provided at Oregon State University.

The Valley Library is a popular place to study, as they have extended their hours of operation during finals week. Their hours through finals week are as follows: they are open until 3am Friday and Saturday, Dec. 2nd-3rd and then remain open from Sunday, Dec. 4th at 10am until Friday, December 9th at 6pm. A valid OSU ID is required to enter or remain in the library after midnight.

Study rooms can be reserved online on the Valley Library website. All study rooms include whiteboards. Students are also able to request rooms with windows, monitors, ADA accessible rooms, and rooms with up to a six person capacity.

The Autzen Classroom on the main floor of the library and the Willamette East and West Seminar Rooms on the third floor will be open for anyone to study in the evenings on Sunday, Dec. 4th through Wednesday, Dec. 7th from 5 p.m. until midnight.

Victoria Heiduschke, Library Experience Coordinator explained:

“We will have coffee the evenings of Monday and Tuesday. The cookie fairies will be passing out cookies during finals week, but I cannot disclose when they’ll be here with their good luck treats,” Heiduschke said. “We also will have the Welcome Waggers certified therapy dogs here to help students ‘Paws’ to de-stress.”

Another helpful resource that Oregon State provides is the Academic Success Center, located in room 102 of Waldo Hall. They provide academic coaching and advising, along with a variety of other resources that can be helpful during the school year. The Beth Ray Center for Academic Support provides study rooms as well, and is home to the writing center where students can get help on papers and essays.

Student worker Shelby Strockbine talks about the services they provide to help prepare students for finals week.

“We provide academic coaching which is ongoing throughout the entire term. During and right before finals week, people tend to focus on using the coaching for test-taking strategies and improving those so when they go into finals they aren’t nervous or have test anxiety,” Strockbine explained. “You make the appointments here and then the sessions are right up the hall.”

Zach Striar, an OSU student and soccer player explains how he has found these resources and study spaces helpful.

“I’ll go to the upper floors in the library when I need somewhere really quiet to study,” Striar said. “I also like working at the Beth Ray Center because of all the space and study rooms.”

As finals week approaches, remember to use all of these resources to finish out the term strong before heading home for Christmas break.