‘Paws to De-stress’ hosts therapy dog petting session

Valerie Maule Orange Media Network
Two students play with one of the dogs brought to the third floor of the Valley Library by Paws for Distress. 

Valerie Maule Multimedia Contributor

Wagging tails of lovable canines are the perfect recipe for de-stressing one week before finals.

If you were feeling down from the burden of finals, earlier this Tuesday, Nov. 29, the Oregon State Valley Library hosted “Paws to De-stress” on the third floor, which ran from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m.

“Paws to De-stress” allows students to cope with the ever-dreaded finals that looms over every student’s head in anticipation for the next week to come.

But these dogs aren’t just any run-of-the-mill dogs, in order to be part of this pet-session the dogs have to be a therapy-certified dog, which Alice Morrow, therapy dog owner, explains.

“A therapy dog does a lot of things, they just bring comfort and joy to people so we’ve visited the assisted living home and schools,” Morrow said. “He’s also a read dog which the kids read to him. The theory there is that dog’s don’t correct the kids when they make mistakes and they don’t laugh and giggle so sometimes kids will read to a dog and read out loud in the classrooms.“

“Paws to De-stress” allows students to handle anxieties and stress from a little love by the multiple therapy certified dogs present at the pet-session, according to Joel Hackett, facility captain for the OSU library whose responsible for coordinating the dogs and being sure they are well taken care of.

“They (library) think it’s a good way for students to de-stress during finals or midterms. So it’s easier on the students. And we welcome it, the students just really enjoy the petting the dogs,” Hackett said. “And if one’s (the dog) stressed out it’s my job to let the owner know ‘you need to take a break’.”

Not all dogs are or will be stressed out by the petting sessions, according to Therapy Dog Owner, Alice Morrow.

“He turned four in October and his name name is Kenny, he’s a golden retriever. He started his first visit when he was over a year old. He likes his job, everybody should be this happy at their job,” Morrow said. “He likes the attention. I hope that you all get jobs you like as much as he likes his job. “

Cammie Bella also agrees that her flat-coat retriever really loves his job and explains why her dog loves her job.

“She’s a flat-coat retriever, they’re called the peter pan of dog breeds because they never grow up and they just love everybody.” sad Bella.

It’s not too much trouble for the owners to come here, according to Bella, she just likes people and loves people interacting with her dog.