Presidential and local elections come to an end

Rosie Morehead, Multimedia Contributor

After several hours of waiting, the results came in with Donald Trump becoming the 45th president of the United States. Not only was a president elected, but numerous local measures were decided last night in the state of Oregon and Benton county.

Many were watching the numbers come in from all over the country and gathered together to support their favorite candidates for presidential and local measures.

At the Old World Deli in downtown Corvallis, people got together to watch and support the democratic campaign. The College Democrats club for Oregon State University and other Corvallis Clinton supporters came to watch for presidential and local measures including student  Christopher Willette.

“She has an exponential amount of experience, not to mention she has been a senator and secretary of state. She has a lot more poise, she knows what she’s talking about, and she knows when to defer a question and when not to,”said Willette, a Democratic club member. “I have a lot of faith in Hillary Clinton because she definitely knows what she is talking about.”

Other groups like the College Republicans came together on campus to watch Fox News and discuss the polls that were coming in.

“I was going to watch it regardless, but it’s fun to watch it with a bunch of people too,” second year business management student Mitchell York said.

The election this year has drawn more people in to watch because of the unique candidates, according to students of the College Republicans club.

“I personally think the election has been utter garbage the entire time. It’s been nothing but trash talk, and I would like to see more policial people talking about issues, rather than candidates attacking each other and going after petty and ridiculous things,” York said. “It’s definitely been the most exciting so far, it’s been widely followed by the entire nation.”

In local news, District 16 democratic candidate Dan Rayfield was elected. Measures 95, 98 and 99 were all passed last night, leaving 97 one of the few measures not passed in Oregon, according to OPB News.

“The thing about Benton county is that we have a great county, a great city of Corvallis and we know that we are going to win the county and the city. All politics stuff is local and all local stuff is just as important as the presidential election,”  Democratic club member Harry Demorist said.

Xan Augerot feels very passionately about this campaign and Hillary because she was also in the running for Benton county elections.

“I am involved with democratic party as a candidate for Benton county commission. I am running for position too. I have been involved actively in local politics for the last year, and have been helping with canvassing and helping with other party activities and fundraising events,” Augerot said.

District 16 winner Dan Rayfield also weighed in on the presidential election.

“Doesn’t matter who you’re voting for, I think everyone feels that this has been a very unusual, odd, election cycle. I think people are tired, ready for it to be opened,” Rayfield said.

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