Letters to the Editor Nov. 28

Response to WGSS faculty’s letter on Nov. 21

As a former student of OSU, I wish to express my disappointment with the faculty of the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. department At a time when the country should be coming together for healing and unity, you have instead chosen to continue to beat the drum of fear and division by parroting the usual tired and discredited accusations against our new president and his supporters. Such inappropriate comments only legitimize the further marginalization of conservative leaning members of the OSU community who have been demonized, had their views called hate speech and have even received death threats. The fearmongering and ideological grandstanding must stop. 

Honestly, if I were you, I would take this as an opportunity for reflection, for it may be argued that Trump’s presidency is a product of your creation. On Nov. 8th, Americans, including 53 percent of white women who you are supposedly experts on, utterly rejected your politics, and it’s not hard to see why.  Your advocacy has produced a generation of students infantilized by safe spaces and political correctness.  We are sick of the protests and the thuggish pressure tactics employed by students seeking concessions from weak-willed school administrators. There are consequences to this. Mizzou suffered declining enrollment following their protests, but I fear the WGSS’s new pet project will be even more costly. 

The concept of a sanctuary campus is an extremely bad idea considering the incoming administration’s intention to cut funding to cities that choose to ignore immigration law. WGSS’s encouragement of criminality is also selfish in that they are jeopardizing the work and future of law abiding students for the sake of a small number of offenders too lazy to go through the proper channels. 

Here’s an idea. Let’s follow the law, debate honestly without insults and buzzwords, and give our President-Elect a chance. 




Corvallis Resident and Trump Supporter

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