OSU forges friendships

Lauren Sluss Managing Editor

For friends Harry Armstrong, Sarah Sutton and Celeste Donnelly, Oregon State University has provided them with more than an academic experience— it has given them a home away from home. 

“OSU cares,” said Sutton, a senior in public health. “There will always be someone at OSU who is concerned about my well-being, and who is there to help me academically, emotionally, mentally and physically.” 

For Armstrong, a fifth year in interior design, his college expectations were much different than how his OSU experience unfolded. 

“I came into freshman year thinking that I wanted 20 different friend groups, but now I’m a fifth year and I finally found my people,” Armstrong said. 

Along with Armstrong, friendships have played a key factor in shaping Donnelly’s OSU experience. A senior in environmental science, she has learned and grown from the relationships she has made.

“You interact with people through other events on campus, and you make new friends in the most random places who can teach you anything,” Donnelly said. “You expand and grow yourself through them.”

Although the trio have already had positive OSU experiences, they look towards making their friendships this year stand out. 

“I want this year to be the best one yet with my friends, academics and the work I do,” Sutton said. “I want to go out strong— go big or go home.”

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