Response to Heimlich editorial: ‘Journalism at its worse!’ | Letter to the Editor

Tom Picht - Corvallis, OR

You want the community to ponder what we are cheering for, regarding your editorial vilifying Luke Heimlich?  Unfortunately, there’s not enough space allowed to rebuke this editorial in the manner deserving of such a complex situation.

With so much information that has come out since the Oregonian first reported their story, none of which The Daily Barometer even attempted to address in this editorial, your article is a great example of journalism at its worse!

Your statement, “But a community that elevates a sex offender slams its doors in the face of every sexual assault survivor” is not accurate.  I personally know sexually assault survivors that have come out in support of Luke. 

Kerry Eggers from the Portland Tribune has thoroughly researched Luke’s story and has reported facts, not sensationalism as The Daily Barometer has done.

Finally, you find it hard to fathom what Coach Pat Casey’s definition of “character” is when they chose Heimlich to lead the team to a national championship.  This tells me everything that I need to know about the character of the editors behind this editorial, because Casey is one of the most respected individuals in college athletics and to call him out is ludicrous!

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